About Us


Partnering in your wellness

Be it an injury, surgery recovery or a pre-existing condition, assessing your specific needs is job one. We then develop a highly individualized program that works for you. It requires not only expertise but also a collaboration (on our part and yours): a partnership that facilitates your recovery and continued health.

Physical therapy is one of the leading noninvasive, musculoskeletal therapeutic interventions and treatments in the healthcare spectrum. Further, compared to many other professional healthcare treatments, physical therapy is one of the most cost-effective and thorough available. Think of it as fostering lifelong health. 


Welcoming and Supportive Environment

 You can expect a supportive, warm, and welcoming environment to help you reach your rehabilitation goals. in a beautifully appointed, inviting setting. Your privacy and comfort are important to us. We have six private treatment rooms wherein we can deliver personalized care and any modality. 

The Center is conveniently located near and easily accessed from Cook Street in Palm Desert.


Subtracting stress. Adding value with Nutrition

 With an increasingly active aging population, now more than ever, we seek to minimize injury and illness as we promote sustainable health. As part of our philosophy of whole and complete health – including proper nutrition and staying fit by maintaining strength and flexibility -- we provide value-added services and alternative modalities. Featured are nutritional response testing; whole food supplements with superior product lines such as Standard Process and Medi Herbs