Here's what our patients are saying:

 ​“Over the years, working in corporate divestiture and acquisitions, I recognized a constant element present in successful companies: when I would visit a prospective firm it was not immediately apparent who was the owner. Each person within the company acted as though it was her or his company … with the same enthusiasm as the owner. I find that same quality at Jordan Physical Therapy … thanks for all the great service and outstanding care you have provided me during my multiple ailments.”
 -       John P.

“Professional courteous, caring, and first class physical therapy was my experience. All of the employees were supportive in my treatment and Danny Jordan was the best physical therapist. I was most fortunate to be under his care. I had a full recovery! I feel fortunate to have been referred to you by my orthopedist, Dr. Diltz. I made a point to report back to him that I had received exceptional care and that he should with complete confidence continue to send his patients to Jordan Physical Therapy.”
 -      Judy S.

“Danny helped me so much through the recovery of several back surgeries, not only with his excellent PT skills, he also was so compassionate and very encouraging! I could not have made it without him. Thank you Danny for everything! I would and have recommended Jordan PT to many friends and family. They are the best in the desert!”
-        Michelle M.

“I have been with Danny at Jordan Physical Therapy for over 10 years off and on. He is a miracle healer, I would not allow anybody to do PT on me except him. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his field. I have recommended him to all of my patients with physical therapy needs.”
 -      Fauti H.

“If you want knowledgeable, encouraging, caring Physical Therapist plus a happy, friendly, accommodating staff Jordan's is the place for you. Most of all, the instruction to keep up your routine.”
 -      Carol C.

“My experience at Jordan's far exceeded my expectations. Jordan Physical Therapy Center is a very special place with an atmosphere of healing.”
 -      Roger D.

“Every member of the staff at Jordan is caring, friendly, and helpful. I hope I never need therapy again, but if I do, I'll go straight to Jordan P.T.!”
 -     Jennifer S.

“I have received physical therapy services from various facilities and Jordan PT center is, by far, a 5-star facility.”
 -      Carolyn M.

“Danny Jordan and his entire staff are very knowledgeable, caring, and friendly.”
 -      Robert F.

“I feel like I'm leaving family. This is, hands down, the nicest group of medical people that I've ever worked with! This is special because each of you are special and treat each other like family. If I ever have to do P.T. again, I'll beat a path to your door for sure! And don't think that I won't recommend this facility to all my friends. You all are GREAT!”
-       Tonya M.

“I was at a different therapy center in the area and I was not better. I visited Jordan and I am much better. My pain is gone and movement in my legs is much better. I highly recommend Jordan Therapy.”
 -     Socorro C.

"After learning that physical therapy was necessary after my stroke, I was apprehensive. Then just a few trips to Jordan PT, I found I was looking forward to my appointments. My Dr. was amazed at my fast recovery, saying I would be the "poster child" for stroke recovery. Thank you Jordan PT for getting my life back to normal."
 -      Kay P.

“Over the years I have used 3 prior Physical Therapists. Jordan P.T. is by far the best. I had my shoulder rehab in 2009 and my back in 2015. I have referred friends and will continue to recommend this facility. Their entire staff is very competent and professional.”
 -       Terry W.

“I call Danny Jordan the "miracle worker." I was looking at an 11 hour back surgery. Instead, I tried P.T. with Danny and I am back to playing pain free golf.”
 -       Pete P.

​"My personal story. If your doctors are not offering you non-surgical options, conservative vs surgical care. Jordan Physical Therapy Center offered me a choice, conservative treatment options plus homework. View all of your best options to keep you mobile and engaged in living your life completely. My new team in my corner. Thank you!"
-        Sarah G.

“You were all very knowledgeable and all very professional. Your facility is the best in town. Thanks.”
 -      Dolores A.

“Therapists are excellent and the care is better than any I have experienced over my years of therapy!”
 -      Pat H.

“JPTC is an excellent place to receive physical therapy. I have used them for four different injuries/surgery recoveries and I have been completely satisfied with their services!”
 -      Phyllis M.

“Jordan Physical Therapy Center is the sufficient way to rehab physical problems and supersedes any other. I've had neck pain for 20 years and now I have none after treatments.”
 -      Gordon K.

“I've had physical therapy in L.A. and here. Nothing touches close to the experienced therapists here. They go over and above to heal long time injuries I've had.”
 -      Galen H.

“I had a wonderful experience at Jordan PT Center. The staff was courteous, respectful, and fun! They correctly diagnosed my problem and kept me on a healing track even when I wanted to let go or felt like nothing was working. They encouraged me, gave me new exercises, performed therapeutic tissue work, and much more. Jordan PT Center works on more than just your body. They work on your heart and mind as well. You will not regret your visits.”
 -      Deb S.

“Therapists were always attentive. Everyone very friendly and were like family!!”
 -     Peggy P.

“Amazing place - everyone friendly - anytime I had any questions they were answered. I came away with an exercise program to keep me on a healthy and pain free future! Thank you Lindsay, Danny, and Staff.”
 -      Tracie C.

“The care we have received from Danny has cured our neck and back issues and prevented surgery.”
 -      Gordon K.

“I have been to five physical therapy facilities and Jordan Physical Therapy is head and shoulders above them all. Honest.”
-        Dee B.

“Danny Jordan's care has given me the ability to continue my teaching, coaching, and playing career with comfort and more flexibility to swing, demonstrate, and score!”
 -      Shirley S., LPGA Founding Member

“Had a wonderful experience at Jordan Physical Therapy Center! Danny and his team are TOP NOTCH! Thank you all again. I'm hiking again!!!”
 -      Kim D.

“Jordan Therapy made me feel like part of a family. The staff is well-trained and wonderful to work with.”
 -      Tanya O.

“I have had P.T. at several different locations. All were good experiences, but Jordan PT outshines them all.  The entire staff is well-trained, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, kind, etc. I truly do not have enough superlatives to describe the are I received at Jordan P.T. Very impressive!!!”
 -      Betsy M.

“Danny and staff were the best! They were always friendly and caring and helped me tremendously with my shoulder and back problems.”
 -      Joyce D.

“Very professional dedicated Physical Therapists and staff who work closely with the patient until they get a positive outcome.”
 -     Lois L.

“All Therapists are well educated to improve your disabilities. They are friendly and listen to all of your issues and can deal with them.”
 -      Eloise C.

“It was a very home feeling therapy center. I learned many new ways to improve my body and manage my pain.”
-       C.M.

“This is a well equipped facility with a very professional and caring staff. Thank you for your great care!”
 -     Sherry S.

“I am telling everyone who is facing physical therapy to insist on Jordan P.T. Center.”
 -     Meredith A.

“Superb professionals! Courteous and friendly staff. Thanks a lot for your help!”
 -     Fred S.

“I was treated with utmost respect and courteousness. Thank you for your professional service.”
 -      T.R.

"Your staff was so friendly and attentive, it was a great experience."
-       Karen F.

​"Danny Jordan is a miracle worker. His treatment saved me from back surgery."
​-       Pete P.

​"Thank you for getting me back to my life."
​-      Sara S.

​"I immediately was made to feel at home, which did not distract at all from the professionalism of the receptionists to the doctors. I would recommend JPTC to any one of my friends!"
-       J.R.

​"Great service and Danny is a terrific therapist and I am recommending him every chance I get!"
-      Susan D.

​"This was the easiest patient satisfaction survey. The Jordan Therapy Center is a well run center with excellent staff and professional, helpful, experienced therapists."
​-       Linda M.

“The facility and people were all great. Jordan is definitely #1!”
 -     Rita M.

“The entire staff was always patient, attentive, encouraging, praising. My goals were met and I'm happy to be at work. Thank you so much!”
 -     Peggy S.

“Friendly, home-like atmosphere with exceptional, professional expertise in treatment.”
 -     Adam W.

"Danny and his staff were excellent. I would highly recommend them."
-      Tracy F.

“After 10 sessions of P.T. and core strengthening exercises for my back, I feel like a new person and have more energy. The staff is exceptional and very caring.”
 -     Anne B.

“All of your staff were professional, competent, and courteous.”
 -      Hal G.

“Very professional yet compassionate people from entry to exit!”
 -     Jim S.

“Started PT after a shoulder replacement. I had about 50% range of motion and 40% strength. I'm now about 95% range of motion and 90% strength. I'm back to golfing and no pain. Thanks to all of you at JPTC!”
 -     Fred M.

“I feel I am in good hands when I am there. Danny is so sensitive to your concerns!”
 -     Helen J.

"I have been in physical therapy since 1989. Here in the low desert there is no facility, therapists, or staff, that come close in ratings to Jordan. So when I recommend Jordan Physical Therapy it is with the voice of experience."
-     Cathy M.

“You are treated like family every time you walk through the door. The friendliness and concern of everyone working here revolves around you and your health. This was my 3rd experience with P.T. here in the desert and I would absolutely recommend and put Jordan #1!”
-     Tonya M.

“From Maria at the reception, to my therapists, to the aides who attended to administering the 'stim and ice,' everyone was so friendly, always made me feel comfortable and welcome, like I belonged there. Yet always maintained a professional atmosphere. Made for a very enjoyable experience throughout my sessions. I was truly sad when it was over, but grateful for the experience and education!”
 -      Susan C.

“I have been impressed with the facilities, the professional staff at Jordan's and their sincere caring attitude toward me and other patients under their care. I have made excellent progress with their rehabilitation program and I no longer require using a walker or a cane.”
 -      Robert A.

"Your therapists are professional and caring, and I continue months later, to maintain the daily exercises."
-       Anne B.

"Lindsay is a lovely qualified PTA. She is very caring and attentive individual a great asset to your therapy center. Maria is excellent in scheduling, management, and communication."
-       Don B.

"I can't say enough good things about Jordan PT. My therapist improved the quality of my life as I am now pain free and learned how to carry my body correctly."
-       Linda R.

"The facility has top exercise equipment, clean, and pleasant environment. Danny and his team of therapists are all friendly and helpful in all of your exercises. I would recommend you every day." 
-        Thelma D.

"A very friendly and competent PT Center to receive your physical therapy."
-        Jim, B. MD

"Jordan PT did a wonderful job of getting me rehabilitated. All of the staff were courteous, friend, and helpful - a great PT experience."
-       Alexandra B.

"I always recommend Jordan P.T. Center to anyone I know who needs it. Flawless professionalism and super friendliness."
-       Sue A.

"They know what they are doing. Saved me a lot of time and pain and discomfort. Now I can play golf."
-        Jerry M.

​"I found Jordan Physical Therapy to be an extremely friendly, helpful place. Being from Canada I was so worried about the pain in my hips, but after 4 visits and my home therapy program, I am doing just fine and enjoying Palm Desert."
-        Patricia G.

“Of all of the places I have gotten PT, none are better than Jordan Physical Therapy. I have an ongoing back problem and appreciate the help and relief.”
 -       Phyllis A.

“I went to Jordan PT for over a year. They are the best. Caring, focused on my health, and very compassionate.”
 -       Cheryl L.

"Excellent education and follow up. Great Experience!"
-        Douglas H.

​"The staff is friendly, attentive, and most of all very professional."
-        Geraldine

"You are the greatest. You know what you are doing."
-        Sharon E.

"I learned to hold myself properly as well as what muscles I needed to work to lessen my pain level. I can already feel a huge difference."
-        Anonymous

​"Very, very clean. Everyone is very helpful. It is one on one. They stay with you. Great job! Thank you everyone!"
-        Linda F.

"I call Danny the "miracle worker."
-        Pete P.

“I have been to several P.T. Centers in the desert and none compare to Jordan P.T. -- excellent personal attention.”
 -       Bev B.

“You all are the greatest. Danny, Lindsay, and Maria you are just the best in the business.”
 -     Rob S.

“Loved the family feeling and camaraderie.”
 -      Rich & Sheila S.

"You are the greatest!"
​-        Bill S.

“Thank you all for your kindness and help with physical therapy. I am feeling great and ready for any activity.”
 -       Helen K.

​"The JPTC team was amazing. Professional, friendly, positive, and knowledgeable. You help me mend my body and touched my heart."
​-        Juan H.

“I'm extremely grateful for the staff's concern and professionalism they showed during my treatments.”
 -      Eva A.

“Highly recommend Jordan's - this is my 3rd session for 3 different issues - very successful outcomes.”
 -     Maureen G.

“Danny's direction on exercises was important after he studied the MRI. His attention to making sure the exercises were helpful and not hurtful was superb.”
 -     Patricia R.

“Wonderful therapists and experience! Very satisfied with everything about Jordan PT and highly recommend them to anyone needing PT.”
 -      William H.

“Great learning experience and very helpful and fast recovery.”
 -       Janis J.

"You're the best! Many thanks!"
-       Barbara L.

“Everything, the whole experience, was exceptional!”
 -      Sally T.

“My therapist, Abraham, was excellent!”
 -      Stuart G.

“You provided a very professional and positive atmosphere. I actually enjoyed my sessions!”
 -     Gary S.

“Your PT designed for me has saved me hours of chiropractic care.”
 -     Marta R.

​"Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and effective care at JPTC."
​-      Lee K.

​"My problem was fixed first visit. Thanks to your good service."
​-      Lanny M.

​"I was in need of hand physical therapy and the team of wonderful, knowledgeable therapists at Jordan were able to invoke significant improvements in three short weeks. Thank you!"
​-      Kathy B.

“Due to your professional and friendly therapy, my everyday physical life is better!”
 -     Bob F.

"Great service, great office, and therapy that helped immediately!"
​-      Bill W.

“Our experience at Jordan was effective and more than helpful.”
 -      Anonymous

“I won't go anywhere else!”
 -      Debbie D.

“The right therapy got me back playing tennis sooner than expected.”
 -     Rod S.

"Best in the valley!"
​-      Rob M.

“The best people. The best help!!!”
 -      Barbara B.

“The best physical therapy center I've been to.”
 -      Pauline I.

“The best PT in the valley, thanks again for a great job by everyone.”
 -       William S.

“For the sake of future patients, I hope Jordan Physical Therapy Center will be there for many years to come.”
 -     Margot S.

"You are the best in the valley!"
​-      Kay B.

“I recommend you every opportunity I have.”
 -     Esther S.

“Caring, therapeutic, and educational...it was the whole package.”
 -      Deb F.

“I was very happy with everything about Jordan PT. Thank you.”
 -     Lillian S.

“Great treatment and care with steady progress toward goals.”
 -      James B.

“Really helped me recover.”
 -    Gary C.

“Your patients were very friendly, and all trying hard to improve. I liked the printout exercises. They have been a great reference, and I use them often. What a wonderful staff. A great working team! And I liked your location! Smooth in and out traffic and a short little walk. Each patient is special. Thank you.”
 -      Shirley H.

“For the best physical therapy with positive results, you can count on the Jordan PT Team!”
 -      Tricia D.

“72 years old and workout all the time, learned new things and how to exercise properly, lower back pain gone.”
 -       Thomas B.

“I liked the harmony among therapists and assistants. It was always a pleasant experience.”
 -       Pauline F.

“You are an excellent facility!”
 -       Chloe M.

“Friendly, efficient, and professional service.”
 -      Mary Jean K.

“Everything and everybody were the best!!!”
 -        Carl & Marilyn C.

"It's the best place in town, and the service is outstanding, perfect."
-      Ben C.

“I was never in a PT office that was as friendly and efficient as this one.”
 -        Phill B.

"Great staff! I would recommend you to friends and family. Thank you Danny and staff for being so kind and helpful to my mother."
-      Daphne P.

“I have always enjoyed the professional help I have received at Jordan Physical Therapy Center.”
 -        Jean M.

“Couldn't have asked for nicer people. I have never needed therapy before, it helped me out a lot, and I miss everybody.”
 -      Wendy C.

"Highly recommend. Friendly, professional, and caring team overall great experience with wonderful results."
-      Sharon G.

"All staff were the kindest, and most helpful group I have ever experienced."
-      Joan

“Everyone seemed so much to like what they're doing, and it felt like a family. I'm really feeling better!”
 -        Trudi L.

“Can't thank Danny enough for being so accommodating to schedule therapy sessions around my work schedule.”
 -        Nancy D.

“I appreciated the care and exercise program that was give to me and which I am continuing at home. Special thanks to Lindsay!!”
 -         Marilyn J.

“Excellent experience. Everyone professional and friendly. My treatment very productive.”
 -        Mary Jean K.

“Danny cured my neck that I have had problems with for 10 years and gave me an exercise program to keep it pain free for the last 3 years.  Great service!”
 -        Gordon K.

“Lindsay was very professional, knowledgeable and caring.”
 -        Joe C.

"Thank you all for the care and training you provided to further my mobility."
-      Joanne K.

“Jordan is a thoroughly dedicated and competent therapist. I highly recommend.”
 -        Janet H.

"Have been treated by several Physical Therapists this is the best by far."
-      Pete V.

“Coming for my treatments was always pleasurable. I looked forward to coming. I really loved everyone there.”
 -         Phyllis P.

"Your entire staff is pleasant and more importantly skilled and attentive. Great job!"
-      Sharon M.

“It was everything I needed and I feel your therapists are exceptional.”
 -        Joanne A.

“… I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your professional care, guidance, kindness and encouragement in getting me in better shape before and after my knee replacement surgery…it was so positive, too, because I could feel and see my own progress! Thanks…"
 -         Kay

“This facility is top-notch. Danny and his team are very professional and they care about their patients.”
 -        Dick E.

“Danny did a great job for me and made therapy an enjoyable experience.”
 -       June D.

"The staff were very knowledgeable and professional. The center was very comfortable and has a very eye pleasing interior design. I highly recommend JPTC!"
-      Genna F.

“A+ excellent. Thanks for everything!”
 -         Mary C.

"PT at Jordan made a BIG difference in my recovery. Thank you."
-      Jerry M.

“Lindsay was really awesome. I miss seeing her.”
 -         Susan M.

"This was my first physical therapy appointment ever and it followed 6 weeks post surgery. I found the center clean, refreshing and the staff was delightful. It was a positive experience for me and I would return if I needed further physical therapy. Thank you for the good care."
-      Marcia B.

“Compared to 3 other therapy places, the best physical therapy group I have ever used.”
 -        Pat M.

"A happy place to improve how your body works."
-      Harriet O.

"Jordan P.T. was by far the best thing to come out of the car accident I was in. I have and will continue to recommend Jordan P.T. to anyone who needs it!"
-      Shellie C.

"I always felt I was going to visit friends that were going to help me feel better!!!"
-      Gil B.

"This is a great place to come for physical therapy and also to uplift your spirits because of great staff!"
-      Sharon N.

“Danny was very caring and worked well with me.”
 -       Susan T.

“I believe what they are showing me and the exercise program and postural positions are helping me. I always feel better when I am done.”
 -        Wendy C.

“Very professional staff.”
 -      Mary A.

“A wonderful experience!”
 -        Arlene D.

"A first class operation. Thanks for everything."
-     Mal S.

"Coming to Jordan is warm and comfortable. It's like coming home."
-      Susan D.

“You have a wonderful facility. I couldn’t have had a better experience! Thank you.”
 -         Eileen D.

“Jordan PT Center is the best. They have the best therapists!”
 -      Art A.

“A good therapy center consists of good people and good equipment, Jordan has both.”
 -      Tom N.

"Pleasant, professional, and very helpful."
-     Graham M.

“Jordan put me back on my feet.”
 -       R. H.

“Thank you all! I'm feeling great!”
 -        Shirley H.

“Everyone was so nice and friendly and also knew their business.”
 -        George & Sylvia B.

"Always leave feeling better!"
-      Maureen C.

“Excellent knee replacement therapy!”
 -         Kelly P.

“It was a good experience and the therapists were very good.”
 -         P.W.C.

“Professional, friendly staff.”
 -         Polly T.

“Effective and easy to work with. Even Fun.”
 -        Al W.

​"Highly recommended, top professionals." 
​-         Jose A.